Weekend(s) Wrap 24 Nov & 1 Dec
Date of Event : Tue Dec 4, 2018 10:46AM
Award Winners L to R Keishav Muralietheran, Ethan Bartlett, Tim Wilson, David Cheffers, Connor McFadyen & Stacey Goode

Weekend Wrap 24 Nov & 1 Dec

Due to a bit of wet weather last week and the start of the two day comp, we apologise for not bringing you a weekend wrap.

To make up for it let’s go with a fortnightly wrap.

1st – 4th kicked off their 2-day campaign against Tuggeranong with mixed results. 1s managed a hefty total with many contributors but unfortunately Tuggeranong made the target 9 down.

2s had lost the first day to wet weather but started well on day 2 declaring with 275, however a few missed chances meant they had to settle for a draw.

3s and 4s started their 2day campaigns as they did their 1day campaigns with strong wins, 3rd grade falling a few runs short of an outright victory

4s managed to make a meagre total batting first at Aranda look like a mammoth effort by bowling Tuggeranong out for 50.

Our Women’s team had a split result with a big win over Norths the first week and pretty serious defeat however they still sit 4th on the ladder and are hopeful of making an impact in the Glenda Hall Shield Finals.

5th Grade were washed out on week one of fixtures against Ginninderra, which would have been a nice check to see how they are travelling. They followed up the second week with an emphatic victory at Kaleen bowling the opposition out for double figures.

On week one of fixtures those who were washed out took the opportunity to get to Chisholm and Kaleen to watch the playing teams meaning that there was a good crowd of Westies clapping those first graders who brought up milestones with the bat.

After the second week numbers at the Kaleen Sports Club for a few beverages and chicken chippies and awards. Next weekend is a big one with 1st-4th grade playing QBN and our ‘Day at the Ballpark’ event on the Sunday, it looks to be a fairly involved weekend.

Zambreros Belconnen & Dickson player of the match award:
2nd Grade: Keishav Muralietheran
Womens: Stacey Goode
3rd Grade: Dave Cheffers
4th Grade: Connor McFadyen
5th Grade: Tim Wilson

Shorty’s Player of the Round award:
1st Grade: Ethan Bartlett

1st Grade:
352 – 94.4 overs (E Bartlett 138, M Condon 53, C Taylor 53, J Cooke 53) def by
TVCC 9/353 – 87.1 overs (E Bartlett 3/90, J Corbett 3/93, M McGann 2/46)
2nd Grade
6d/275 – 57.4 overs (K Bhardwaj 76, R Narracott 50, J Smith 44, C Lillepruun 39, K Muralietheran 35) Drew
TVCC 7/142 – 54.0 overs (M Khan 3/15)

3/138 – 20 overs (C Taylor 60*, G Kuchlmayr 29) def
NCGCC 6/89 – 20 overs
5/117 – 20 overs (S Goode 3/) def
WDUCCC 68 – 18.0 overs (G Kuchlmayr 20)

3rd Grade:
158 – 60.0 overs (I Yorke 4/31, H Whitelum 3/11) & 6d/167- 31.0 overs (SA Jaffry 2/17, I Yorke 2/23) def by
WDUCCC 180 – 43.3 overs (D Cheffers 44, A Kaurah 42*, D Green 22, S Rama 21) & 3/120 – 23 overs (L McMurtrie 55, S Jaffry 38)

4th Grade:
129 – 45.0 overs (J Gladwin 59, S Sharma 20) def
TVCC 50 – 26.4 overs (E Marshall 3/7, D Kusetic 3/7, C McFadyen 3/23)

5th Grade:
Match Abandoned
WDUCCC Match Abandoned

WDUCCC 8/149 – 40 overs (J Boyle 46, G Scott 26, S Natarajan 22) def
Eastlake Red 67 – 21.4 overs (J Rossendell 3/6, A Szabo 2/7, M Broers 2/10)

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Author: Ed Marshall