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For the duration of this policy “Member” means any player, parent, coach, official or volunteer.


The Western District and University of Canberra Cricket Club Management Committee acknowledges that social media tools are efficient and effective methods of communication.  However, the committee also acknowledge the use of social media has the potential to impact the club and/or its members and the ACT Cricket Association (ACTCA) in a negative manner.

This policy does not intend to discourage or unduly limit your personal expression or online activities.  However you should recognise the potential for damage to be caused (either directly or indirectly) to the Western District and University of Canberra Cricket Club (WDUCCC) or the ACTCA.  Accordingly, it is requested that all members comply with this policy to ensure that the risk of such damage is minimised.

Our Commitment

Using the internet and electronic communications is essential for communicating with club members and the general public.  We are committed to making these communications appropriate and relevant to our interests in a positive and meaningful way.

What we will do

Any Club related activities or information regarding competitions, training sessions, social events, committees, policies, constitution, rules and by-laws may be communicated to members by any of the following platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, SMS, the club website or any other social media platform.

Further to the above, occasionally we will use these platforms to communicate information relating to local businesses and sponsors who financially support the club.

What we ask members to do

When interacting with or representing WDUCCC online, all members are expected to show the requisite level of respect, protection and privacy for all those they interact with.  Use a COMMON SENSE approach.

Members must not:

§    Post material that is or might be construed as offensive, obscene, defamatory, threatening, discriminatory, hateful, racist, homophobic or sexist.

§    Post material that does not portray the club or its members in a positive light.

§    Make statements that are misleading, false or defame the reputation of any members, fellow clubs or associations.

§    Bring the WDUCCC or the ACTCA into disrepute.

§    Offend, intimidate, humiliate or bully any member, club or association.

§    Imply that you are authorised to speak on behalf of or as a representative of WDUCCC or give the impression that the views you express are those of WDUCCC.

§    Use the WDUCCC logo or name in any format.  This would include for example where a photo includes a WDUCCC logo and is used without the clubs consent.

§    Use the identity or likeness of another member of WDUCCC without their permission.

§    Use or disclose any confidential information or personal information obtained in your capacity as a member of WDUCCC.

Non Compliance

Under WDUCCC’s stance in relation to social media and this policy, the Management Committee would like to make it very clear, that its members are responsible for their statements, actions and postings.  Any misuse of a Social Networking site which includes (but is not limited to) comments made about our club, its members, any ACTCA cricket competition and finally an opposition player or club that breaches any of the above will not be tolerated.

Any person who believes that they have been the victims of inappropriate electronic communication should report the matter to any member of the Management Committee (either in writing or verbally) along with any evidence that may assist the Club in investigating the concern.  The Club will undertake to investigate the concern as deemed appropriate.

WDUCCC will continue to monitor the use of its social media services to ensure compliance with this policy.  WDUCCC will not be held liable for the acts and omissions of members in breach of this policy.  Members are personally responsible for the content they publish in a personal capacity on any form of social media platform and individuals will be liable in the event action is brought against the club.

Members who fail to comply with this policy may be the subject of disciplinary action as deemed fit by the Management Committee.  In extreme circumstances a member may be asked to discontinue their association with WDUCCC.


WDUCCC Management Committee

February 2014