Junior Cricket

About the Junior Club

Western District Junior Cricket Club is a fantastic option for young cricketers who are learning to play the game.

To learn more about the Wests Juniors including registration, teams season dates and key contacts go to


Relationship between Wests Juniors and WDUCCC

The relationship between the Junior and Senior clubs is growing stronger every season, with players from the senior Men's and Women's teams assisting with coaching and player development.

A number of WDUCCC Senior players started their cricketing journey as part of the Junior Club and there have even been times where Junior players have had the opportunity to represent the senior club in grade competition.


Registration for the 2018/19 Cricket Season

Online Registrations are now open. Please view the Registration FAQ page for the upcoming season that answers some key questions for the season. Register using the Online Registration page at playcricket.


Junior Cricket at Wests is all about learning to play, developing a passion for the game and having fun within a friendly and positive community environment.